Maybe Frazier.

The Rangers are eyeing Todd Frazier.

So, as the calendar turns to 2020, it appears the Rangers are turning their attention toward Todd Frazier as their next third baseman. 

It’s not going to be surprising if they won’t work out a deal with Colorado for Nolan Arendado. There are simple way too many hoops to jump through for something like that to happen.

First, Arenado has a full no-trade clause. He controls all the shots here. Why would he want to go to Texas when, if it were up to him and he wants to win, a number of other teams are closer now to winning, and have a winning pedigree?

He also has that opt-out in two years. The way the market is always increasing, why not test out the free agent market then? 

And, if Colorado is, indeed, interested in dealing their best player in franchise history, do the Rangers have enough pieces to give them in return?

A Nolan Arenado deal seemed too good to be true because it is. The Rockies would be crucified if they dealt the face of their franchise. 

So, with Josh Donaldson still available, and the Rangers claiming they were going to be playing at the high end of the market this offseason, it’s disappointing that they would overlook Donaldson in favor of Frazier.

Both are right handed bats. Both are 33. Both have nine years of MLB experience. 

Donaldson is a former MVP and three-time All Star. Frazier has been an All Star twice. 

Donaldson is coming off a season of putting up a .900 OPS with Atlanta. Frazier’s OPS with the Mets was .772. 

Donaldson is an eyebrow raiser. Frazier is a shoulder shrug. The Rangers traffic in shoulder shrugs.

Looking at their career stats, Donaldson is a much better player than Frazier. But, in spite of Jon Daniels’s free agency bravado talk, Frazier is more likely to be the next Rangers third baseman.

Even though he is not as good and Donaldson makes the Rangers better and the Rangers have the money to spend on top quality free agents, the smart bet is Daniels tosses his money at Frazier. 

He can get him for less money and fewer years. 

Frazier makes the team a bit better. I hope a bit better isn’t good enough.