So long to 2019.

So long 2019 and everything it represented.

So long to another forgettable Rangers team. So long to pitchers in Rangers uniforms who have no business being in major league uniforms. At least with Kluber, Minor and Lynn, the Rangers have the making of their best rotation in years.

So long to an entire season I didn’t care about or expect anything from. So long to going into a season expecting the Rangers to finish in last place. They are solidly a third-place team now, so things are looking up.

So long to expectations that this is an elite franchise or a perennial contender. The Rangers are like any other team. A few great years, a few horrible years, a lot of so-so in between. This isn’t the Yankees or the Cardinals or the Dodgers whose fans can expect winning year after year. 

And so long to the old Ballpark in Arlington. Only in Texas do they throw away perfectly good twenty-five-year-old stadiums. It housed the two best eras, really the only two successful eras, in Texas Rangers history—the late 1990s and the early 2010s. There were some wonderful, unforgettable moments in that place. Here’s hoping the new place has its share of those as well.