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Delino Deshiels has a broken bone in his wrist. He will be out of commission for four to six weeks.

Which mean the Rangers roster will be out of commission for four to six weeks.

It’s not just that DeShields was the Rangers lead off hitter. They can find others to do that. Like Elvis Andrus. Or maybe Shin-Soo Choo.

It’s that his injury exposes a huge weekness in the Rangers roster. Texas doesn’t really have a Plan B in center field.

And that is inexcusable.

Think about it. If Beltre went down, they could move Gallo to third and Rua to first. Or play Profar at third. If Andrus or Odor went down, Profar is there to fill in. If Gallo goes down, they have Rua.

They have choices in left, choices in right, choices at catcher.

And for each of those they have choices in the system if need be.

But the Rangers don’t have a viable backup for DeShields. Yes, Carlos Tocci is a center fielder. And he can play the position defensively better than DeShields. But his bat isn’t major league ready. And the Rangers don’t have a center fielder anywhere in the system who is ready.

Once again Daniels has left the roster exposed.

So now the Rangers are going to find out just how vulnerable they are for the next six weeks. It was an uphill battle to begin with.

It just got a lot steeper.


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