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HOW TO BEAT THE SHIFT: The Astros played four outfielders against Joey Gallo by moving their third baseman to left. Gallo simply hit it over everyone for his first home run of the season.


Ryan Rua, Carlos Tocci, and Robinson Chirinos have yet to get a hit. Rougned Odor has one lousy single.

On Saturday, the bottom five in the Rangers lineup went 0-for-19 with two walks and eight strikeouts.

On Sunday, the bottom five in the order went 1-for-16 with one walk and nine strikeouts. In fact, take away the numbers one and two hitters in the lineup Sunday and the seven remaining Rangers went 1-for-23.

Offense wasn’t supposed to be where this team would struggle, so maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe it’s just a good offense getting off to a sluggish start. That can be understandable facing the powerful starting staff the Astros throw out there.

Maybe that they got one win, and maybe that they beat Dallas Keuchel is the best one could expect from this season-opening four-game series.

But the offense needs to come around.

Right now only three guys are hitting. After four games Texas has a collective .204 batting average. If it’s any consolation, that’s not even last in the American League. It’s twelfth. Baltimore is hitting .117.

So, it’s early. No need to panic.

Or is there?

With DeShields out, can the Rangers reasonably expect any offense from center or left? What are they going to get from second?

That’s three dead zones every night. Everyone else has to hit to make up for it.

It’s early. No need to panic. The offense will come around. (Repeat as often as necessary to keep your sanity.)


Bartolo Colon (0-0, -.–) vs. Andrew Triggs (0-0, -.–)
Game time: 9:05

How the Rangers hit against Triggs.
Stats on how the Athletics hit against Colon not available, ESPN does not yet have Colon on the Rangers active roster.