No relief in sight.

The Rangers build their 2020 bullpen around Brett Martin.

The Rangers bullpen was, in a word, a mess in 2019. On the strength of half a great season in 2018, they threw a nice contract extension at Jose Leclerc, only to watch him implode. He went from closer to eight inning guy to pray-he-gets-someone-out guy. He went from an ERA of 1.56 to an ERA of 4.33.

And he was the highlight of the bullpen. 

Year to year, Jon Daniels tends to take a slap-it-together approach to creating a bullpen. At the end of the season, manager Chris Woodward had only two arms he could count on out of the pen: Brett Martin and Emmanuel Clase, and Clase was iffy.

The bullpen has never been a cause of great concern for the Rangers. No wonder this year it was fourth best in the A.L. West. 

So, the Rangers go into 2020 without a closer, without much stability in the bullpen, and without a lot to rely on.

Or, in other words, business as usual.