Many times this site has been, and I have been by extension, accused of being negative toward the Rangers.

Recently, Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News wrote his assessment of the Rangers current state of affairs, as compared to the Astros and Nationals. It was interesting to see that he, a professional beat writer who covers the Rangers, came to very similar conclusions.

Considering how both World Series teams were built, Grant writes, “might be a little depressing for the Rangers.”

He points out how both Houston and Washington achieved success internally. They drafted and developed their lineups. 

The Rangers have been unsuccessful in their draft picks. To quote Grant, “No immediate impact from recent drafts and none likely to be on the way before 2021, and that’s being aggressive.”

He added that, while Rangers have long prided themselves on their international draft success, that too isn’t actually the case. 

Houston has Jose Altuve. Washington has Juan Soto. The Rangers counter with Nomar Mazara and Rougned Odor. 

Grant’s final point is even more pointed. “Here’s the hard truth for the Rangers: They’ve been able to construct some nice buildings over the past two years; building a championship-caliber organization to stand the test of time will likely take a lot longer than that.”

Perhaps negativity shouldn’t be confused with clarity.