Not yet.

Remember when you were a kid and the Christmas tree was up and there were presents under the tree with your name on it and it was a few days before Christmas and those wrapped gifts were like they were just mocking you to open them but you couldn’t and you had to wait?

That’s what these next few days are like. The Rangers are back in The Shed to take on the Kansas City Royals for two games. But not two real games. Two more practice games. So the guy pushing the button can practice opening the roof. And the ticket guys can practice charging $550 for seats behind home plate.

Let’s get these two games out of the way and get the season started. Let’s see what magic Bruce Bochy has left. What Jacob deGrom can do in a Rangers uniform. What the pitch clock looks like. And how banning the shift will bring back offense. Remember offense?

Opening Day is just sitting there, under the tree, waiting to be unwrapped.

Let’s get to it.



Kansas City vs Texas, 7:05