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I wrote this the day after the Rangers embarrassing 21-5 loss to the Yankees. I was going to post it that day, but then the news broke of the Cole Hamels trade and then the Rangers started winning and then there was so much other great stuff to talk about like Scheppers and Martin getting jettisoned, and I never got the right moment to post this. Anyway, it’s an off day, I got lazy, so enjoy.


Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels announced today that, after two stints in the bullpen this season, Adam Rosales is being converted into a starting pitcher.

“We have had so much success converting relief pitchers into starters in the past few years,” Daniels points out, “that this just seemed like the natural next step in the progression of Adam Rosales.”

He points out the success he has had in the past with Tanner Scheppers, Alexi Ogando and Neftali Feliz, all three successfully converted from reliever to starter before they were cut.

“Scheppers even became an Opening Day starter for us,” Daniels notes proudly. “Opening Day is the first day.”

In two relief appearances, Rosales has quietly and quickly become the most effective reliever in the Rangers bullpen.

“Look at that smile on his face when he pitches,” Daniels notes.

Rosales pitched an inning in relief on June 26 in a 12-2 blowout against Toronto, giving up just one run. Then he followed that up with an inning of relief in the 21-5 blowout against the Yankees on Tuesday night, giving up two runs, but just one earned, in one brilliant inning of work.

A veteran journeyman with three teams, Rosales is finally getting the opportunity to start.

“Ever since I came up with Cincinnati, I have always wanted to be a starter,” Rosales smiled broadly. “But I was thinking like in the infield or something. I never dreamed I’d be in the starting rotation,” Rosales continued smiling broadly.

Credit the genius of Jon Daniels, one GM who isn’t afraid to think outside the box.

Rosales lowered his ERA to an even 9.00 after Tuesday night’s appearance, better than only closer Shawn Tolleson and rookie Keone Kela.

“I really wanted to take the ball last night and help out the team anyway I could,” Rosales smiled broadly. “The chance to pitch in a blowout doesn’t happen much, only maybe once every week with the Rangers. So I have to be ready when they call on me.”

Rosales notes that he was not part of the back-to-back blowout losses to the Angels 13-0 and 12-6 at home on July 3 and 4, or the 10-0 loss to Oakland on April 8, or the 12-3 loss to Cleveland on May 27, or the 10-0 loss to Houston on July 19, or the 13-7 loss to the Angles on July 26.

“What I like most about Rosales as a starter is he can also hit,” Daniels added. “Sure we are in the American League and pitchers don’t hit and we happen to have the best DH in the American League, but Rosales knowing what to do at the plate gives Jeff Banister a lot of lineup options. And, by gum, does he love lineup options! Against a tough left-hander, he can replace Fielder, who is our best hitter, with Rosales, who hits like a pitcher anyway, so that tough lefty can have a night off from having to pitch to major league hitters and instead, pitch to the Rangers bench.”