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The first ten games of the season are over, and the 2015 Texas Rangers are 4-6.

After ten games, the 2010 World Series team was 5-5. They lost the next four games in a row.

The 2014 team was also 5-5 at this point. They went on to win seven of the next ten.

I suspect this team is somewhere between those two.

This has been a team that has looked really good at times, and really bad at times. The bad has been really bad, though. Like, have-these-guys-ever-played-in-a-major-league-game-before bad. That is how they played yesterday in their 10-2 loss against the Los Angeles Angels. Bad defense, bad offense, bad starting pitching. But the 42 on their uniforms looked nice.

Of the thirteen hitters currently on the Rangers roster, nine are hitting less than .200.

Hitting is contagious. This team has a rampant case of the black plague. It’s almost comical if it weren’t so ugly. Comical like in the movie Major League where the front office was deliberately trying to create a bad team . With the Rangers, though, it’s not deliberate. They were trying to assemble a major league team. That’s what makes it depressing.

The opening day near no-hitter was the appetizer for plateloads of inedible things to come. In ten games, the Rangers have been shutout twice. They’ve allowed eight or more runs in four games, and ten runs twice. In their six losses, they’ve scored a total of ten runs. If they give up four or more runs, they lose.

It’s easy to see why:

Odor, .188
Choo, .182
Cherinos, .176
Andrus, .167
Beltre, .163
Martin, .143
Rosales, .111
DeShields, .100
Smolinski, .077

The offense, or course, is not going to be this bad. But it’s not a whole lot better, to be honest.

Not to be outdone by the offense, though, the starting pitchers banded together and agreed to suck as well. You have to give them one for brotherhood and solidarity.

In their six losses, Rangers’ starters have gone: 4 innings, 4.1 innings, 1 inning, 7.1 innings, 5.2 innings, 1.2 innings.

The good news is, if you’re a Rangers’ bullpen pitcher, you will get a lot of work. The bad news is, your arm will fall off in three weeks.

In their six losses, the starters are averaging 3.9 innings per start. The team is giving up 7.5 runs per game. The offense is scoring 1.6 runs per game, the team is getting 5.3 hits per game.

How is this team not 0-10?

As bad as those numbers are, and they are the worst kind of bad, this team is has still managed to win four games.


I will not question it. I will just accept that some things are inexplicable, and move on. I do not want to aggravate the baseball gods on this off day.