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Nobody has as much pure joy on a baseball field than Adrian Beltre, who goes just a little bit out of the basepath to avoid being tagged out.

Nobody has as much pure joy on a baseball field than Adrian Beltre, who goes just a little bit out of the base path to avoid being tagged out.


You can look at it this way. In three games and twenty-six total innings, the Oakland Athletics were able to muster up runs in only one inning.

Just one in twenty-six. That’s pretty impressive pitching, right?

Okay, so they scored seven in that inning to put the game away early.

But one inning out of twenty-six is worth something. Like, two games out of three.

It really was a case of it being a whole lot of bad luck stacked on top of some bad pitches at the wrong time.

A single dropped into right field in front of Jered Hoying, a ball that should have been caught, and would have been caught 99 times out of 100.

A bloop that just evaded the glove of Hanser Alberto, a ball that should have been caught, and would have been caught about 85 times out of 100.

A ground ball that the usually slick fielding Mitch Moreland snagged, then went into over-think mode, and ended up not getting anyone out.

Three defensive breakdowns in one inning. Rangers fans know how that story always ends.

Suddenly it was 2-0 Oakland, two on, no outs, when it easily could have been the end of the inning with no runs scoring. The ghost of Martin Perez showed up. And before it was over, Colby Lewis let in seven runs.

Rangers relievers held the Athletics scoreless the rest of the game. But the damage was done.

Six games are left. The Rangers are tied with Boston for best record in the American League. Boston has won eleven in a row.

It’s not going to be easy.

But if we hold Milwaukee to one scoring inning in the next three games, I will take my chances.



Matt Garza (5-8, 4.52) vs. Martin Perez (10-10, 4.14)
Game time: 7:05

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TEXAS 92–64, BOSTON 92–64, CLEVELAND 90-65 (-1.5)