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Who gets your vote as the Game 3 starter?

Who gets your vote as the Game 3 starter?


Last night’s debate was highly anticipated. So much is at stake. There is so much to lose. But it didn’t take long for the fireworks. It didn’t take long for the trainwreck.

If these are our two choices, we might be in serious trouble this fall. If these are our two choices, can’t we pick somebody else? Anybody else?

Right, left. It’s all the same. And it isn’t pretty.

Even though they come from completely different sides, they pretty much stand the same place on all the issues, like ERA. Neither one is trustworthy. And no matter what they promise, they are going to heavily tax the bullpen.

Righty Colby Lewis versus lefty Martin Perez. Who is our number three starter heading into October?

Can we vote “none of the above”?

When you do the fact checking, it’s not pretty.

On Sunday, Colby Lewis self-destructed early, allowing seven runs in just 1.1 innings. Since coming back from the D.L., Lewis is 0-3 with a 9.75 ERA.

On Monday, it was Martin Perez’s turn to prove he was worthy of being the number three starter. All he did was give up eight runs in 6.2 innings. He struggled early and often, giving up three in the third, two fifth and three more in the seventh. Since the All-Star break, Martin Perez’s ERA is 5.01.


If either one is hoping to make the Rangers great again, we might need somebody else on the hill.

After last night, the debate rages on. Who can we trust after Hamels and Darvish?

None of the above is looking pretty good right now.



Jimmy Nelson (8-15, 4.50) vs. A. J. Griffin (7-4, 4.94)
Game time: 7:05

How the Brewers hit against Griffin.
How the Rangers hit against Nelson.

BOSTON 92-64, TEXAS 92–65 (-0.5), CLEVELAND 91-65 (-1.0)