One word.

Recently, I received an email survey from the Texas Rangers asking my opinion on various topics. What would I would want to see in the new Ballpark? What was the fan experience at the current Ballpark? What is missing? What could be improved?

Interestingly, the last questions it asked was, “What one word would you use to describe the Texas Rangers organization?”

I have to admit, this question caught me off guard. Maybe I was surprised they actually cared what a fan thought.

It was an intriguing question. So, I thought long and hard about it. I wanted to do it justice.

Would I give them a snarky answer (my forte)? A kneejerk reaction answer (I have two knees and I am a jerk)? A glib answer? A cliché answer?

I decided to mull it over and give the most insightful answer I could. After all, what if somebody was actually going to read it?

A beer would help. When has beer not helped? 

After kicking it around in my head, changing my mind again and again, I finally typed my answer.


I hit send. My civic duty completed.