Predictability. 242 comments

Once again, Martin Perez unravels like a cheap sweater, falling apart in the seventh inning, leading to the Mariners blowing it open with seven runs in an eventual 8-2 Seattle victory.


At least you can say this about the 2017 Texas Rangers. They are predictable.

Watching the Rangers is like watching the Texas weather forecast in the summer. You know exactly what you’re going to get.

With the weather, it will be unbearably hot morning, day and night.

With the Rangers, they’ll score a run or two. Strike out a ton. Be in each game until the seventh inning. Then their bullpen will crater and the Rangers will lose.

Last night: Score a run, check. Strike out ten times, check. Have a chance to win, check. Bring in the bullpen, watch it crash and burn and allow seven runs in one inning, check. Rangers lose, check.

Watching the Rangers is like watching paint dry. But at least with paint you can try different colors. With the Rangers, it’s the same color over and over and over again. Some ugly shade of beige.

Today’s paint drying session starts at 3:10.


Andrew Cashner  (0-3, 2.95) vs. Dillon Overton  (0-0, 6.14)
Game time: 3:10

How the Rangers hit against Overton.
How the Mariners hit against Cashner.