Rain, advantage Houston.

Clash of the Titan 4: The two best teams in baseball battle again tonight in the Bronx.

Game 4 was rained out. That’s good news for the Astros.

But maybe not right away. Because Game 4 will now be started by Zack Greinke. His ERA in New York is just north of 10.00. Every Yankee hitter is already at Yankee Stadium right now suited up, bat in hand, ready to take their hacks. Zack Greinke in Yankee Stadium is like fresh meat to a piranha.

Trouble is for the Yankees, they don’t rely on their starters. Their game is the bullpen. They will have to rely on their relievers. Or, more appropriately, over-rely on their bullpen. 

With no travel day in the middle of the next four, they will burn out their bullpen arms soon. They no longer have an off day buffer.

If it goes a Game 6 or a Game 7, they will be running out tired, over-exposed arms. 

A bullpen in small doses is a good thing. A bullpen that’s responsible for six innings a game is not.

If the Astros weather Greinke tonight, they should be sitting pretty for the rest of the series.


Zack Greinke vs. Masahiro Tanaka
Game time: 7:08 on FS1