Sizing up the Astros.

George Springer launches a three-run homer to ignite the Astros 8-3 Game 4 victory.

Watching this American League Championship Series, it is evident how far the talent gap between Houston and Texas is.

Position by position, the Astros dominate. Most, by a long shot.

The most sobering thought is this: Is there single position player for the Rangers who would even break the Astros lineup? What about the 25-man roster?

Not Guzman or Odor or Andrus or Kiner-Falefa in the infield. In fact, none of those players even makes the Astros 25-man roster. Solak is the best offensive infielder the Rangers have, by far. He would be a bench player for Houston.

Not Trevino at catcher. Not Mathis for sure. Mathis shouldn’t even be on any minor league team, let alone a big league club. 

Not Calhoun or DeShields or Mazara. Again, doubtful any of the three even makes the Astros roster. They are Rangers starters, they’d be Astros Triple-A depth.

Choo might be a bench player. He is a hitting machine but the Astros are chock full of those. Choo doesn’t beat out Yordani Alverez, and you don’t need two DHs.

That leaves Joey Gallo. He’s the only legitimate big leaguer the Rangers have in comparison to the Astros. 

Would Gallo start for Houston?

He’s not beating out Springer in center or Brantley in left. Not even close.

So that leave it up to Josh Reddick. Who would you rather have in right? Reddick or Gallo?

Reddick is a pure contact hitter. Before 2019, it wouldn’t have been a discussion, Reddick all the way. But Gallo’s amazing half-season changes the argument. 

Right now, Gallo beats out Reddick. But it’s not a slam dunk.

This tells you how far the Rangers are from the Astros. Texas needs a vast improvement at eight positions to be competitive.

Look on the bright side. It could be worse. Not much. But it could be.


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