Rangers robbed.

And just like that, the Rangers offense died in the center fielder‘s glove.

The thing about having a team built around offense is that the other team has defense. And major leaguers are capable of making some incredible defensive plays. 

And those can break your heart.

So, instead of Corey Seager hitting a lead-flipping three-run homer in the fifth, Colorado’s centerfielder Randal Grichuk makes an amazing catch over the short, six-foot outfield wall. He not only robbed Seager of a homer and three RBIs, he robbed the Rangers of a potential win.

When things aren’t going well, these are the kinds of things that happen. You get the engine fixed, then the brakes go out. You get the brakes fixed, then you get a flat tire. You get new tires, then the car stereo breaks. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Mostly, it’s been pitching. Tonight, it was the offense.

The Rangers came into Tuesday with the most runs scored in baseball. They managed only one last night. And only four hits.

Right now, they simply haven’t been able to get things going. When they have scored a ton, the pitching gave up more. When they kept the other team down, they can’t score.’s

Two series in, the Rangers are 1-4, back home in last place, and hoping they can turn it around against the Angels. The good news is, it’s still early. The bad news is, the Rangers’ bullpen has 158 more games to go.

This team is going to need a whole lot of offense. And that offense is going to have to miss a whole lot of gloves.