The 2022 Texas Rangers.

Your 2022 Texas Rangers.

Edsel was one of the biggest failures in automotive history. It hit the market with a ton of fanfare and hype. Then consumers saw it on the dealership lot. And that’s where most of them stayed.

One of the knocks against Edsels was that it seemed the front of the car was designed by one engineer while the back was designed by another.

The result was an odd, ugly car that few bought.

It’s kind of like this year’s version of the Rangers. 

It’s like one GM was in charge of engineering the offense. And totally different one was in charge of the pitching. And they both had a different agenda.

The Offense GM’s task was to improve the team in as many areas as possible in one offseason, avoid another last-place finish, and build for the future. 

The Pitching GM’s task was business as usual. Just run some tired arms out there and move on, go cheap, don’t worry about winning. Same old same old.

This is the tale of two teams. One team that can hit. Another than cannot pitch.

The Rangers have scored the sixth-most runs in baseball. And they have the second-highest ERA.

The Texas Edsels.

It’s too early to panic. But it’s not too early to recognize the fatal flaw in this team. And last year’s team. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. And in the 2000s. And 1990s. And 1980. And 1970s.