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It was good to see the Rangers Uniforms get a win yesterday, meaningless or not. It was the way they did that counted. At the stadium, me and my buddies had so much fun. On hot summer days like this, drinking some fine Oddbins and eating well done burger with fries is almost a necessity. We had a great time overall.

For once, they didn’t give away runs. In fact, the miscues came from the Athletics Uniforms. Proving you can’t get the Ranger out of you when you leave, former Rangers outfielder Jake Smolinski made a few really embarrassing plays.

In the first inning, Smolinski dropped a routine fly ball to center field off the bat of Nomar Mazara.

In the fifth, after a Joey Gallo single to center, Smolinski attempting to return the ball back to the infield, but proceeded to throw it directly into the ground a few inches in front of him.

The rumor that Rangers GM Jon Daniels immediately got on the phone to inquire about reacquiring Smolinksi because “he plays Texas Rangers defense” has not been confirmed.

No, what was great about yesterday’s win was the Rangers had a long sustained five-run fifth inning that didn’t rely on the home run.

It was a good old fashioned, keep-the-line-moving rally.

Single, single, productive RBI ground out, single, single, walk, single, sac fly. And most of that came from actual major league Rangers.

That’s the kind of baseball that doesn’t feel like an accident.

Yes, this was in a game that doesn’t count. But here’s hoping this offense is capable of many more innings like this when the games do mean something.

That’s fun baseball to watch.