Same old problem.

Glenn Otto was roughed up for six earned runs in just two innings of work.

Coming into this season, starting pitching was supposed to be this team’s weakness. It was so bad, the Rangers signed Martin Perez to fill one of the slots. They had him penciled in as their number five starter.

How bad was the rotation going to be? They signed Jon Gray to be their number one starter.

Surprisingly, Perez has finally found “it” after ten mediocre seasons in the major leagues. 

The rest of the rotation seemed to get the Rangers through the first few months. But the duct tape that’s holding it together is beginning to fray.

Spencer Howard was the first to go, along with his went his 12.15 ERA.  Then, Taylor Hearn struggled, put up an ERA of 6.25, and lost his spot in the rotation. 

That leaves Dane Dunning and Glenn Otto. Dunning is serviceable at home. He is dreadful on the road. Unfortunately, the road is where the Rangers play half of their games.

Glenn Otto was knocked out of yesterday’s game by one of the worst offensive teams in baseball, the Washington Nationals. They tagged him for six runs. His ERA has now ballooned to 5.31.

Nobody in the minor leagues seems like they are interested in  taking a spot in the Rangers rotation, either. They might have to tap back into Spencer Howard. So, it would appear, the Rangers really have no options.

They are back to where they always are. Desperately looking for pitching. Thank goodness Martin Perez is having the season he’s having, or it would be really bleak. 

Unless the Rangers are able to swing a deal for a quality starter or two, this season is going to take a really ugly turn.