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Tanner Scheppers watches yet another ball he pitched sail out over the fence for a home run.


It’s easy to criticize Jon Daniels. We have never actually been asked to do his job, for good reason. It’s easy to question Jeff Banister. The closest we will ever come to doing what he does is running a fantasy baseball team.

When we criticize them, quite often it’s just fans blowing off steam or joking around in order to make light of frustrating situations.

But there is one clear-cut way to know if Daniels is, indeed, an awful evaluator of talent, and if Jeff Banister is, in fact, a foolish first-year manager incapable of learning from mistakes.

Both scenarios can be summed up on two words.

Tanner. Scheppers.

If Scheppers’s performance in the Colorado series isn’t a clear sign that he has no business on a major league roster, and no business being brought into any game in which the Rangers have a lead of at least twenty-seven runs, then both Daniels and Banister have no business being leaders of men and shapers of rosters.

If they continue to keep him around and keep putting him in harm’s way and keep watching him implode and they do nothing about it, then the first three moves the Rangers should make this trade season is to get rid of Scheppers, Daniels, and Banister.

The Rangers won 10-8. They won the series against the Rockies. A win is a win is a win. Doesn’t matter that it comes against one of the few teams that are worse than Texas is. Doesn’t matter that it took an incredible stroke of luck in the top of the ninth to pull it out. They won two out of three.

But before we put on our swagger, look back about three weeks ago when the Rangers went into Baltimore and won three of four. They followed that up with a run of 3-10. Oh, and by the way, what started that slide was a series against the Angels. An ugly, ugly series.

The Rangers play three in Anaheim. This will be a more true indication of how good this team really is.

If Tanner Scheppers appears in any of these games, or any Rangers game moving forward, it will be a true indication of how bad the Rangers management really is.

Unfortunately, Jeff Banister said after yesterday’s latest Scheppers debacle:  “He still has electric stuff. He’s going to be out there in the eighth inning, sometimes in the seventh. I have confidence in him.”

One question: If that’s the case, do you still have confidence in Banister?


That’s just my opinion. What’s yours:

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