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At least for one night, Matt Harrison reminded Rangers fans how he won 18 games in 2012.


Shin-Soo Choo hit for the cycle. Delino DeShields was a home run from it. Elvis Andrus had two hits.

Most days, that would be the most newsworthy news worthy of talking about. You write that, post it, then you’re done. What could top that?

A Choo or an Andrus multi-hit game is like seeing Sasquatch taking a ride on the Loch Ness Monster juggling a dozen Chupacabres.

It’s that rare.

But the story last night, and perhaps the story for the year for the Rangers, was Matt Harrison.

After so many false starts and stalled comebacks and heartbreaking frustrations, Matt Harrison earned a win.

He earned it.

Not just a win. He was dominating. He looked like the 18-game winner Matt Harrison. When he needed a ground ball or a double play, he got it. He induced eleven ground ball outs, in fact.

It was his first major league win since his last comeback attempt, May 8 of last year, when he beat these same Rockies, in Arlington, 5-0. After that he fell apart. His back did, at least.

He had to endure spinal fusion surgery in his lower lumbar area and long periods of having to remain still while inside he was going stir crazy from not doing the thing he loves most.


In a season that’s gasping for positive air, Matt Harrison wrote the most positive story possible.

From spinal fusion surgery to a major league win.

This is why I spend every waking hour loving baseball.

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