The despicable Alex Rodriguez.

Netflix just released a documentary called “Screwball.” It’s about Biogenesis, the bogus medical clinic in Miami that was the fulcrum of the baseball steroid scandal. 

It’s about the guy who ran it, Tony Bosch, the guy who blew the whistle on it, Porter Fischer, the reporter who broke the story, Tim Elfrink, and the four conflicting entities trying to investigate it and cover it up and profit from it.

You had Alex Rodriguez obstructing justice and spending millions of dollars trying to squash the story and discredit MLB, Bosch, and Fischer. You had MLB running roughshod over the law and throwing cash around to buy evidence and buy cooperation, which was illegal and compromised the evidence, orchestrated by current commissioner Rob Manfred. You had an actual local law enforcement officer who did his best to get to the bottom of it while his bosses desperately wanted to bury the entire thing. And you had a group of local criminals selling evidence to everyone who would buy it, choosing the side of cash over loyalty.

While I remember the Biogenesis stain, I had no idea about the details, which are almost comically unbelievable.

Nobody comes out looking good here. Not Alex Rodriguez, not Rob Manfred, not Major League Baseball, not the State of Florida, not anyone associated with Biogenesis, and not the hapless idiot Fischer. It was all a sad comedy of despicable characters.

It’s almost hard to believe the depth of stupidity that happened. And the fact that in the end, Manfred ascended to commission, A-Rod ascended to representing MLB on TV, and Tony Bosch served about a minute in jail.

It’s a funny, frustrating, frightening story of drugs, greed, sports and corruption.

You couldn’t script it. You need to see it.



Lance Lynn (14-8, 3.60) vs. Dylan Cease (2-6, 5.93)

Game time: 7:10