Shut out again. 37 comments

Photographic evidence of Rangers offense in Oakland.


Bats get hot all at once. Bats get cold all at once.

The Rangers are in the Siberia part of that. After scoring three runs in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game against the Angels, the Rangers have not scored since. They have managed five hits and four walks in the past nineteen innings.

And zero runs. It’s the first time since August of 2016 that they have been shut out in back-to-back games.

Of course, they had been on a pretty good pace before that, having averaged more than six runs per game since the All-Star break. And baseball is a game of streaks. The better teams limit the cold streaks.

But with all that second-half offense, the Rangers are still under .500 since the break, at 15-16. The Athletics, on the other hand, are an unfathomable 21-8.

So, the question is, is this the Rangers’ bats or Athletics’ pitching? Oakland is always a house of horrors for the Rangers. Let’s see what they can do today.


Mike Minor (9-6, 4.61) vs. Edwin Jackson (4-2, 2.58)
Game time: 2:35

How the Rangers hit against Jackson.
How the Athletics hit against Minor.