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imgresDear Cleveland:

You are welcome. You are welcome that Texas’s pitching tired out Toronto’s offense.

Toronto hit so many home runs and scored so many runs in the first round against Texas pitching that they came into the second round of the playoffs too exhausted to continue.

Andrew Miller owes his success to Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish and Colby Lewis. Rangers’ starters simply made Blue Jays’ hitters too winded from all the fat fastballs over the middle they had been getting. The law of averages always catches up to hitters. And since Rangers pitcher over-inflated Blue Jays’ hitters’ batting averages, it was just a matter of math and physics that their batting averages would average out, and you would be the beneficiary of that.

After having picked up twenty-nine hits, twenty-two runs and slugging eight home runs against the Rangers in just three games, the Blue Jays are simply tired. All that running this late in the season, it’s expected. No wonder they can only muster three runs in three games. It’s amazing they had any strength left at all to get the only home run they have hit against you in three games.

There are only so many hits a team can get. The Rangers wore them out for you, Cleveland.

You are welcome.



screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-04-52-pmCorey Kluber (18-9, 3.14) vs. Aaron Sanchez (15-2, 3.00)
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How the Blue Jays hit against Kluber.


Jake Arrieta (18-8, 3.10) vs. Rich Hill (12-5, 2.12)
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