Winter comes early to Chicago. 401 comments


The average temperature in Chicago in February is twenty-six degrees. Lows, with the wind chill, can regularly be in the negative thirties.

It seems the dead of winter has come early to the Chicago Cubs bats.

Just six lousy hits in two games, five of them weak singles. No runs in two games. No hope in two games.

Their batting averages are not fit for public display.

In three Championship games, Jason Heyward is hitting .143—and he is among their leaders.

Zobrist is batting .100. Which is gaudy compared to Rizzo’s .091, or the .000s sported by Soler and Russell. The Cubs would be better off having their pitchers hit.

These guys are bringing 108 years worth of pressure to bat with them every time they step up to the plate, and it’s showing.

The team that won 103 regular season games stayed back in Chicago once the regular season ended. As the Rangers so clumsily reminded every one, number of wins in the regular season means nothing in the post season.

It’s been 108 years since that last Cubs championship.

Start the countdown for 109.

If the Cubs don’t start hitting, winter is indeed going to come early for the city of Chicago.




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