So, now what? 17 comments

So, what to the Rangers need?

I can see a scenario where they don’t do much. After all, they did win the division.

If you look at it, they seem set at every position. I can see Daniels thinking that is enough.

I can see Daniels adding pieces for backup, but going into 2106 thinking what they have they can win again with.

C: Chirinos
1B: Moreland
2B: Odor
3B: Beltre
SS: Andrus
LF: Hamilton
CF: DeShields
RF: Choo
DH: Fielder


Offensively, this is a pretty good team, but it still lacks power, and is still a bit too left handed. It’s a very good rotation too, at the top, with Hamels, Darvis (fingers crossed) Perez and Holland (fingers crossed).

The bullpen was solid last year and with the addition of a few pieces, can be better.

So, what do you do?

Moreland and Leonys are in their last years of arbitration, and can be free agents after 2016. They are both very affordable and could make nice pieces for someone looking for a first baseman with power and a centerfielder who can sing alto.

A few questions add complication.

Can DeShields build on what he did last year? Was it a fluke or is he a legitimate leadoff hitter?

Can Hamilton play relatively injury free?

Does Chirinos provide enough offense to merit getting the bulk of the at bats from behind the plate?

Where does the power come from?

Can Darvish regain his old form, or get close?

Can Holland get over his fear of pitching to batters with bats?

Can the bullpen do it again?

And, the biggest question of all, if Profar is ready, and has finally arrived, where does he play and how long before he supplants Andrus at short?

Interesting questions. Interesting dilemma. This could be a fun off-seaon. Or a really dull one.