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If this were a movie, it would be time for the rousing locker room speech. It would be time for the coach to challenge the team, tell them this is the opportunity for everyone in this locker room to show what they are really made of. The coach would dare them to dig down inside, dig deep, find something they never know they had, find a will. Underdogs can win, do win. He can tell them all they have is their pride. When you look at the scoreboard, those numbers don’t reflect the heart of a team. How you have to play one game at a time, don’t focus on three games, focus on the one ahead. And if they did that, despite what the scoreboard said, they’d be winners. Maybe he says nobody comes into our house and pushes us around. Maybe he tells them great moments are born from great opportunity, that this was their moment, that the entire nation is behind them, waiting for them to make history. Maybe he reminded them of the duty they had not just to themselves but to each and every one in the room. He would remind them that these are the moments that make up their legacy. Maybe in a fiery rage, he tosses a water cooler for effect. Maybe he cusses and screams and berates them. But they all run out of the locker room ready to conquer the world, and they do the impossible and win the game.

The Rangers need one of those speeches right now.



Colby Lewis (6-5, 3.71) vs. Aaron Sanchez (15-2, 3.00)
Game time: 6:38

How the Rangers hit against Sanchez.
How the Blue Jays hit against Lewis.