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Thanks, Rangers.

Thanks for the season.

Thanks for all those come from behind wins. You have no idea how many times I drove home from the Ballpark full of adrenalin. The joy you brought your fans this season was incredible.

Thanks for some great moments. Mazara throwing out Cano at second to end a game. Odor punching Bautista to settle a score. Colby taking a line drive off the head. Colby coming this close to a perfect game. Fielder hitting a home run with two outs and two strikes in the ninth to tie a game. Matt Bush going from prison to elite pitcher. Elvis Andrus going from hated to beloved with an incredible season and even more remarkable post season. Adrian Beltre having another incredible season. Ian Desmond’s first half of brilliance.

There are so many great memories and so many great moments that it’s hard to accept it’s all over

But it is.

Thanks for the season. It was one of the most fun seasons in a long time. It ended horribly, but every Rangers season ends that way. If you are a Rangers’ fan, that’s the way your season will always end. Accept it. The Rangers will always be the team someone beats on the way to a championship.

In our lifetime this team will never win a it all. As long as we understand that, we can still take solace in the fact that his is baseball. And bad baseball is better than good anything else.

Thanks, Rangers. See you in April.