Spring records.

The Rangers lost yesterday. And just like that, their chances of an undefeated Cactus League went up in smoke.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the Rangers spring records for the past ten years. There is, of course, absolutely no relevance to a team’s spring training record and its regular season record. 

Nevertheless, here is the Rangers last ten spring training records and the subsequent regular season record, for entertainment purposes only.

Interestingly, the Rangers have had just three springs where they finished .500 or better. Two of those three years, they finished the season over .500.

And 2018 was just a bad year all around, both in spring and in the regular season. Then there’s 2010. That spring was less than spectacular, yet the season ended up the opposite. 

Spring training records mean nothing. So, please don’t over-react to the Rangers losing yesterday. The season is not lost.


Game time: 2:05