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It’s that time of year for lists. We did top-ten lists. They did top-ten lists Everybody’s doing top ten-lists.

Yesterday, it was MLB Network Radio’s turn. They did a top-ten list at every position. Then, they took it one step further. They created at points scale to see which team had most talent heading into 2019.

For every position, they ranked the top ten players. Then, they assigned a number value to each player. The number one player at each position scored ten points, two scored nine, three scored eight, and so on, to where number ten scored one point.

Then, they went team by team to see where each team scored on the Talent Scale.

The winner:

The Houston Astros, with 45 points, on the strength of having seven players in the top ten at their respective positions: Verlander, Cole, Altuve, Correa, Bregman, Springer, Osuna.

Next was the New York Yankees, at 37 (thanks to Severino, Chapman, Sanchez, Torres, Judge, Stanton, and Hicks.)

Third, the Milwaukee Brewers at 32. Hader, Grandal, Agular, Yelich, and Cain were all top-ten players.

Here is how the rest of the teams fared:

4. Chicago Cubs, 29 points.
5. Washington Nationals, 28.
6. New York Mets, 27.
7. Boston Red Sox, 26.
8. Cleveland Indians, 25.
9. Los Angeles Dodgers, 24.
10. St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Philles, 21.
12. Atlanta Braves, 19.
13. Colorado Rockies, 18.
14. Cincinnati Reds, 17.
15. Kansas City Royals, 15.
16. Oakland Athletics, 14.
17. Los Angeles Angels, 12.
18. Pittsburgh Pirates, 11.
19. Tampa Bay Rays, San Francisco Giants, 9.
21. San Diego Padres, 8.
22. Chicago White Sox, 4.
23. Seattle Mariners, 1.

Seven teams scored a 0: Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays.

Seven teams didn’t have a single player in the top ten at any position according to MLB Network Radio. Of course, the Rangers were one.

While I don’t agree with that because, even if you aren’t going to rank Elvis Andrus in the top ten at shortstop, which is understandable because there are a lot of great shortstops and he’s coming off an injury-marred season, you cannot ignore the work Jose Leclerc did last year and not have him as a top ten reliever. The rationale for omitting him, though, is he’s a closer on a team that won’t win much. Not many save opportunities there. His dominance will come under a barrel.

Nothing startling here. No real revelations. But it’s always important to see how the industry views the Rangers. And it’s not good.

This vaunted core of young talent the Rangers have isn’t viewed in nearly the same light around the rest of baseball.

This team could surprise people though. One can see a scenario where, if players like Gallo, Mazara and Odor make major strides, Texas could pass Seattle for fourth place.

It’s spring. Time to dream.

Because, right now, the talent mountain is way too steep to scale.