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The Blue Jays won the season series over the Rangers 4-2. Here are some other stats to chew on until Thursday’s Game 1 against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

First-half record:                    Second-half record:
Toronto: 45-46                       Toronto: 48-23
Texas: 42-46                          Texas: 46-28

Runs Scored:
Toronto: 891 (486 1st half, 405 2nd half)
Texas:  751 (370 1st half, 381 2nd half)

Home Runs:                           Batting Average:                    ERA:
Toronto: 232                          Toronto: .269                         Toronto: 3.80
Texas: 172                             Texas: .257                             Texas: 4.24


David Price vs Rangers                                  Mark Buerhrle vs Rangers
Regular Season: 3-4, 5.15 ERA                     Regular Season: 14-5, 3.42 ERA
Post-Season: 0-3, 4.66 ERA

RA Dickey vs Rangers                                    Marcus Stroman vs Rangers
Regular Season: 2-2, 3.77 ERA                     Regular Season: 1-0, 0.00 ERA

Marco Estrada vs Rangers
Regular Season: 1-1, 1.50 ERA

Cole Hamels vs Blue Jays                            Yovani Gallardo vs Blue Jays
Regular Season: 0-2, 6.97 ERA                    Regular Season: 3-0, 1.33 ERA

Derek Holland vs Blue Jays                         Colby Lewis vs Blue Jays
Regular Season: 3-2, 5.15 ERA                    Regular Season: 3-6, 6.97 ERA

Martin Perez vs Blue Jays
Never faced Toronto

I’d start Yovani Gallardo against David Price in Game 1. He has had the best success against the Blue Jays. Let him get his 100 pitches in four innings. The bullpen is rested.