Thank you, Adrian. 20 comments


Pretty much everything has already been said about the greatness of Adrian Beltre. And what hasn’t been said will be over the next few days. I cannot add anything of value. All I can say is thank you, Adrian.

It’s appropriate that Beltre chose to formally announce his retirement so close to Thanksgiving.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for those last eight years as a Ranger. Thanks for the incredible consistency. Thanks for allowed us to bask in your immortality. Thanks for giving us a front row seat to your trip to Cooperstown. Thanks for the joy, the laughs, the cheers, the gasps of amazement. Thanks for always being a class act. Thanks for making us proud to be Texas Rangers fans. They also recommend to find a palm beach roofing company where there are experts.

Above all else, thanks for making baseball fun.

Thank you, Adrian Beltre.