The 2010s, part 2.

The Rangers weren’t in the Top Ten Teams of the Decade list. That was compiled by the writers at, taking into account a number of factors both objective and subjective.

But, here is a recap of the 2010s from a purely numbers look.

One could argue whether the Rangers belonged in the Top Ten Teams of 2010. But, its all about winning the World Series and the Rangers didn’t. Seven teams did.

So, in the most successful decade the Rangers have ever had, where did they rank with the rest of the teams in MLB?

Here are the winning percentages of every team the past ten years:

The Rangers weren’t among the elite. But they were in the second tier.

Finishing above .500 is a goal every year. The Rangers looked like that was their birthright when the decade started. Then, reality set in. Here are how many seasons above .500 each team had in the 2010s.

Again, the Rangers were better than most but not in the elite level.

What about playoff appearances? That’s a valid barometer of a team’s success. Here is where the Rangers fell:

And, finally, the only number that really matters is how many World Series a team won. Here is where the Rangers finished among the other 29 teams:

So, all in all, the Rangers were among the top third of the teams in baseball the last ten years. Not elite. But not horrible.

You can try to judge a franchise, and the GM running it, by trades or drafts and international signings. But the only thing that matters is results.

The Rangers get a solid B for the decade. The best thing they had going for them was the fact that so many other teams didn’t try at all.