The first rule of baseball.

Rookie Scott Heineman’s home run in the ninth prevented the Rangers from being shut out.

From the moment you come out of your mother’s womb you instinctively learn two things.

One, how to breathe.

Two, good pitching beats good hitting.

It’s been that way since the beginning of time. It’s that way now. Good pitching beats good hitting. 

On Monday good pitching shut out the New York Yankees, the best team in baseball, the team that hadn’t been held without a run in a game in well over a season’s worth of games, the team that is a juggernaut of offense.

On Tuesday, good hitting faced not good pitching. The results were predictable. The Rangers lost 10-1.

They can try to complicate the game with all these analytics nerds and sabermetricians and numbers crunching geeks but it’s really quite simple.

Good pitching beats good hitting. If you want to win, you load up on good pitching.

If you don’t load up on good pitching, your calendar ends in September. Fans stop showing up in June.

Simple as that.



Lance Lynn (14-9, 3.77) vs. Chad Green (2-4, 5.01)

Game time: 5:35