The future. 42 comments

It looks like this year is going to be the year Rangers fans see the future.

Gallo, Mazara, Odor.

After all those years at the helm, all those draft picks that didn’t pan out, all those prospects that were traded for the likes of Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster, Jon Daniels is finally able to see the fruits of a farm system.

Profar was the highly touted one.

But Gallo, Mazara and Odor are the future of the Rangers.

Gallo is coming off a season where he earned the right to be a major leaguer, with a forty-plus home run season. Mazara had a 100-plus RBI season. Odor had an epically historically bad season, but still hit 31 home runs.

Now they are the nucleus of the Rangers offense. Especially after Beltre is dealt in July.

There isn’t much around them. There isn’t much under them. There isn’t much anywhere else.

But after a dozen years of infertility, finally Jon Daniels has three home grown players he can brag about.

2018 will be that.