The Little Offense that Could.

The Reds of the 1970s were called the Big Red Machine.
The 2024 Texas Rangers are The Little Engine.

As a reminder, there are thirteen ways a team can score with bases loaded and fewer than two outs.

One, a sacrifice fly.

Two, a wild pitch.

Three, a passed ball.

Four, a fielder’s choice ground out.

Five, an error.

Six, catcher’s interference.

Seven, a hit.

Eight, a balk.

Nine, a walk.

Ten, a steal of home.

Eleven, a hit by pitch.

Twelve, sacrifice bunt.

Thirteen, defensive interference.

And, as a public service exclusively for Texas Rangers fans, seven of the above ways to score with bases loaded and fewer than two outs do not require being able to actually make contact with the ball:

One, a wild pitch.

Two, a passed ball.

Three, catcher’s interference.

Four, a balk.

Five, a walk.

Six, a steal of home.

Seven, a hit by pitch.

There is hope.