The outfield.

When last we saw, Rangers left fielder Willie Calhoun was being carted off the field after being hit in the jaw with a 95-miles-per-hour fastball.

It was hard to watch. 

After seasons of frustration waiting for his turn to be a bona fide major league starter, it looked like his season was going to be derailed in yet more frustration.

Then this pandemic thing happened. And Willie Calhoun had plenty of time to heal. 

So, as the Rangers 2020 season is trying to start, the Rangers have two of their three outfield spots locked up for certain. Left belongs to Calhoun. Right belongs to Joey Gallo. 

In his first four cracks at it, Gallo mostly seemed lost at the plate. But in those rare times he made contact, it went far. He hit .204 in 2015, .040 in 2016, .209 in 2017, and .206 in 2018. With a lot of striking out. And a lot of homering.

Then, in 2019, he figured everything out. Then, just when everything was going his way, he got injured and was lost for the season. The Rangers nosedived after that.

He is the offense. 

So 2020, if it actually happens, will be a huge year for Gallo. Can he build on 2019 and carry this team on his shoulders?

That leaves centerfield. And that patch of ground, as of now, is where Danny Santana will roam.

Santana revived his career last year. Here was a guy who pretty much played himself out of the major leagues. But all he did when he finally got the call was hit. And hit. And hit. It helped that he plays everywhere. And where he is needed now is center.

Texas has backups in case of emergency. Nick Solak. Scott Heineman. Eli White. 

The Rangers outfield will be the strength of the team offensively.