The real Martin Perez. 49 comments

Vintage Martin Perez: Seven earned runs on eleven hits in five innings.


Martin Perez was working on a perfect game going through the first third of an inning yesterday.

Then he lost it. Literally and figuratively.

He gave up a monster shot to Giancarlo Stanton, the second batter he faced. Then, in true Martin Perez fashion, he caved in the fifth inning, allowing five more.

The frustrating thing is that Martin Perez is the best pitcher Jon Daniels has developed for the Rangers. He’s four games under .500 for his career as a pitcher, with a career ERA almost at 5.00.

And he is the cream of the crop.

When Jon Daniels sends his resumé to other companies, he leads off with, “my biggest success story is Martin Perez.”

No wonder he can’t find another job.

As these last four days have proven, this game is all about pitching.

And Martin Perez isn’t.


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