The road most traveled. laid out the winners and losers of this new 60-game schedule. And, of course, the Texas Rangers were listed as one of the two teams most negatively affected by it.

According to the article, with the original 162-game schedule “the Rangers had previously faced a projected .501 opposing strength of schedule, but that is now up to .507.” Only one other team had a bigger strength of schedule change, and that’s the Seattle Mariners. 

The formula for figuring this out is complicated and who even knows how accurate such a thing could be. It has to do with the projected records of their opponents. 

Just know that people with slide rules say the new schedule is harder on the Rangers than on every other team but one.

But what isn’t complicated and is much easier to quantify is that the Rangers will be the most traveled team in 2020, having to log 14,706 miles. Houston is next at 13,954. That makes sense because every other team they play this year is on the west coast, or in the Mountain Time Zone. No other teams have to hop two time zones.

By contrast, the team with the fewest miles to travel is the Milwaukee Brewers, just 3,962. 

So, aside from the task of keep their players healthy, the Rangers also have to keep the jet fueled up. 

Of course, if the playoffs are at the end of those nearly 15,000 miles, it will be all worth it.