Joey Gallo tested positive for COVID. He’s asymptomatic. He said he’s never felt better in his life. This virus is a menace.

So, it looks like this will be a case of quarantining him away from the team for two weeks and seeing where it goes from there.

But this highlights the fact that in this strange season, what’s going to win is the best organization.  These sixty-man taxi squads are going to be important because you never know how deeply into it your team is going to have to go. 

Depth is critical. Deep depth even more so. And not just for COVID. What about routine injuries?

In a normal season, if a guy goes on the fifteen-day IL, you work around it until he comes back. This year, fifteen days is one quarter of the season.

A hamstring will probably be season-ending. There’s no time for rehabbing. Gallo’s mighty swing is just a pulled rib muscle away from happening. Then he’s gone for the year.

The only good news is that Gallo is able to get this out of the way now, before games actually start. Assuming they actually start.