The un-closer. 621 comments

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Rangers reliever Tanner Scheppers watches as yet more runs score. He might need Tommy John surgery in his neck from all that craning.


There is no force in the entire universe that will allow anyone to undo Tanner Scheppers.

He is the un-closer.

He is an opener.  He opens situations for the other team.

Is your team struggling to score runs? Not to worry, here comes Tanner Scheppers to open up scoring opportunities for you.

He is the pitching version of Leonys Martin. Night after night after night he fails. Yet, night after night after night he is run back out there to fail again.

Last night, they ran Tanner Scheppers back out there. Lo and behold, Tanner Scheppers failed again.

But at least there was a good solid baseball reason Banister brought him into last night’s game in a key situation.

The Rockies do a version of the Sonic Slam inning just like the Rangers do. And last night, surprisingly, Jeff Banister’s name was picked in the Rockies Sonic Slam inning. He had a chance to win $25,000 if the Rockies hit a grand slam.

So he did what he could do to win that $25,000.

He brought in Tanner Scheppers with the bases loaded.

It was the best chance he had at a grand slam.

Except, Tanner Scheppers failed again. He took the count to 3-2 and then gave up a long fly ball to right field to get out of the inning. He lost Jeff Banister a huge chunk of cash.

Next inning, he would lose Jeff Banister the game.

After the Rangers valiently clawed back from a seven-run deficit to tie the game in the top of the ninth, and after Tanner Scheppers narrowly escaped trouble in the eighth, Tanner Scheppers un-closed it in the ninth.

Q: Why is Tanner Scheppers even on this team?

A: Because he was a first round draft pick, which means he has to be good. Right? He was hand selected by a group of expert draft pickers. Those guys are never wrong.

They are experts.