The year of Yu. 42 comments

Yesterday was the first practice game for Rangers jerseys. They lost to Royals jerseys. The same two sets of laundry play again today at 2:05.

What’s notable is Yu Darvish pitches. This might be the last one of these for Yu as a Ranger. His contract runs out after this season.

Kevin Sherrington had a great article in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News, in fact, on why the Rangers need to keep Darvish. Here it is.

Mainly, it’s because this team and this general manager have a miserable track record for developing pitching. (Which is why they overpaid for Fielder and Choo, since he also has a miserable track record of developing offense as well.)

So, when you can’t create it, you have to buy it.

The Rangers have so few opportunities for truly exceptional pitching. You can’t let them slip out of your hands when you have them.

Every Darvish start might be one more as a Ranger, one less as a Ranger.