Knee-railed. 51 comments

A week into spring training and Josh Hamilton has sort of dominated Rangers news. Mainly because there is no Rangers news.

After coming into camp saying his thrice-repaired left knee was one hundred percent healed, the minute he did drills, he felt pain.

He flew back to Dallas to have it checked out, got a shot, came back to Surprise and said it was feeling one hundred percent.

He worked out on a stationary bike for two days and felt more pain.

Now it appears he is going to have a fourth surgery on that left knee. He’s thirty-five. He hasn’t played a major league game in over a year and a half. He hasn’t played in more than ninety games since 2013.

If he does, indeed, need surgery, theoretically he would be out about six weeks. Then he’d need to do a rehab assignment to get up to speed.

Then he’d be ready to go.

But only if he knee is one hundred percent.

Which, if recent math holds up, means there’s a one hundred percent chance that’ll never happen.


The RR3 day at the Ballpark is in the works. Group dates are limited. Here are the available dates:

Tues, April 4 vs Cleveland
Wed, April 5 vs Cleveland
Sun, April 9 vs Oakland
Thur, April 20 vs KC
Mon, April 24 vs Minnesota
Tues, April 25 vs Minnesota
Sun, April 30 vs LAA

Thur, May 11 vs SD
Wed, May 17 vs Philadelphia
Thur, May 18 vs Philadelphia
Wed, May 30 vs Tampa Bay
Thur, May 31 vs Tampa Bay

Wed, June 6 vs NYM
Thurs, June 22 vs Toronto

Mon, July 24 vs Miami
Tues, July 25 vs Miami
Wed, July 26 vs Miami

Tues, Aug 1 vs Seattle
Wed, Aug 2 vs Seattle
Sun, Aug 13 vs Houston
Mon, Aug 14 vs Detroit
Tues, Aug 15 vs Detroit
Wed, Aug 16 vs Detroit
Thurs, Aug 17 vs Detroit
Sun, Aug 20 vs CWS

Sun, Sept 3 vs LAA
Mon, Sept 11 vs Seattle
Tues, Sept 12 vs Seattle
Wed, Sept 13 vs Seattle
Thus, Sept 14 vs Seattle
Mon, Sept 25 vs Houston
Tues, Sept 26 vs Houston
Wed, Sept 26 vs Houston
Thus, Sept 27 vs Houston

As you can see, there are only five weekend dates available, all on Sundays:

Sun, April 9 vs Oakland
Sun, April 30 vs LAA
Sun, Aug 13 vs Houston
Sun, Aug 20 vs CWS
Sun, Sept 3 vs LAA

Let me know your thoughts.