Three things. 40 comments

Three welcome development in Rangers camp so far:

1. Joey Gallo’s eyes. Gallo has almost as many walks (three) as strikeouts (four). He finally got his first hit, a double. But what’s important is how well he resists chasing pitches out of the strike zone, how well he is able to get to the pitches he can do the most damage with. Really, this offense is all on Gallo. He is the star. If he is able to develop to an Adam Dunn level, where he can add a good walk rate to the power, he will be a true offensive force. The Rangers sure could use that. Dunn’s career AVG/OBP slash line was .237/.364, striking out once every 3.5 plate appearances. Gallo’s is .203/.217, 2.6.

2. Matt Davidson’s swing. Davidson went to the same swing guru that Hunter Pence went to. He broke it down and rebuilt it over the offseason. And his new swing is paying early dividends. Davidson has been a typical modern day hitter. Big big power, many many strikeouts. He is looking really solid so far this spring. He hit his second home run of spring yesterday and is scorching the ball. And he hasn’t yet taken the mound. Cross your fingers, rub your rabbit’s foot. This could be an under-the-radar stroke of genius by Jon Daniels. Matt Davidson has a ton of upside. He could be the Rangers third basemen for the next few years.

3. Carlos Tocci’s confidence. Early last season, Carlos Tocci looked scared to be at the plate, like a high school kid asking Emma Stone to the prom. A lot of that had to do with the fact he had no business facing major league pitching yet but because of his Rule 5 status, he had to be on the major league roster. His first half slash line of AVG/OBP/OPS compared to this second half:


He looks like a different person.

Spring isn’t about numbers as it is about results. About the process.

These three seem to be doing okay.