Time for baseball. 289 comments

The football season has mercifully come to an end and this is the time when we reset to 000 and start the journey toward baseball, and the Rangers defending their American League West crown.

Below is something I posted the day I took over this site and from time to time I re-posted it just to keep us grounded, so here it is again:

“The thing I ask is that we have a bit of decorum. We all have vastly different opinions. But let’s try to refrain from calling a fellow poster whose opinion you don’t agree with an idiot, a dillweed, a moron, a Kardashian, a fool, an a-hole, Bieberific, or any other disparaging remarks. Let’s try to have some semblance of civility here.  I assume we are all here because we love the Rangers. We don’t have to love one another, but let’s not let the anonymity of the internet turn us into the kind of person who would say something to someone behind the privacy of a screen that you wouldn’t have the guts to say to that person if they were sitting next to you in a bar.

That’s all I ask.”

In ten days, Rangers pitchers and catchers will report. Then soon after that the full squad. Then guys whose names we will never hear from again will put on Rangers uniforms and play guys whose name we will never hear from again wearing other teams’ uniforms in spring training games. Then actual Rangers will play in spring training games. Then soon after that, the season will begin.

Then I will scream at Tanner Scheppers for blowing another save, and all will be right in the world.

Let’s go, baseball.