Tuneups. 200 comments

Just another practice game. This one really even can’t be called an exhibition game because there wasn’t much on exhibit, other than a steady stream of nine Rangers pitchers who were all scheduled to throw anyway, regardless of the outcome.

Ryan Cordell was the sum total of the offense, hitting a home run for the Rangers’ sole run of the game.

For the Indians, Colby Lewis was all the offense they needed.

On the positive side, at least all nine of the runs the Rangers gave up were earned.

So the Rangers are’t giving up unearned runs.

That’s a positive.

The two teams go at it again at 1:05 at the Ballpark. Derek Holland takes his last tuneup before it gets real.

Fortunately, what we saw last night wasn’t real. Just ugly.

These two final practice games against the Indians aren’t really for the players, anyway.

It’s a tuneup for the beer guys and parking guys and the grounds crew and ticket takers.

But mostly, it’s a tuneup for the Ballpark medical personal, who need to be on the ready to handle the coming surge in heart attacks resulting from the new Wicked Pig, the $27 pork monstrosity with five kinds of pork, six if you count pork rinds.

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