Two weeks down.

So, the season is two weeks old. The Rangers have played six series. They’ve won three, lost three. Overall, they’re 9-10, and in fourth place.

Here are the team leaders compared to the major league leaders in the same categories.

Two things emerge from this.

One, Joey Gallo is having an incredibly monster of a year, quietly. Because he’s hit just one home run you’d think he wasn’t. But getting on base 45 percent of the time is amazing by most standards. It’s not Mike Trout’s .521, but Mike Trout is on a whole different planet.

Two, Rangers starters are doing much better than expected and the bullpen is as bad as expected.

The Rangers are hanging around .500. And that’s pretty much what you can expect from a team that can’t hit but can pitch, until it comes to the bullpen. Which is one-third of the game anymore.