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This is what the 2017 Rangers are all about. Getting swept in embarrassing fashion by a bad Baltimore Orioles team, when they can do nothing right and it appears they are the worst team in baseball.

Then they win a game like last night—which was so reminiscent of all those glorious games they won last year when Rangers baseball was fun—and it looks like this team could play with the best in baseball.

That’s the big tease.

Darvish was vintage Darvish last night. About the best he is going to be, eight innings, twelve strikeouts. And three solo home runs. Darvish being Darvish.

And that couldn’t have come at a better time since he is on display.

The Dodgers and Cubs got a good glimpse of what they could expect in October, and it was good.

All season long, really for his entire career, Darvish has struggled to control his fastball. That is what keeps him from being the perpetually dominating ace he has the potential to be. But last night, he corralled it. He coaxed 18 swinging strikes from his fastball, the most from a fastball by any pitcher in the American League this season. And 78 of his 101 pitches were for strikes.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Let’s hope the scouts stay and get a glimpse of vintage Cashner tonight as well.



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Game time: 6:10

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