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American League saves leader Shawn Tolleson.

American League saves leader Shawn Tolleson.


Words that start with f and actions that end with jail time spring to mind when thinking about last night’s painfully frustrating 8-5 loss to Oakland.

But as painfully frustrating as last night’s game was, to be honest, its outcome was inevitable before it even started.

The Rangers went into the game with a huge hole in their roster.

With Elvis Andrus serving his one-game suspension for Sunday’s Battle at the Ballpark, the Rangers’ Designated Gatorade Dumper was unavailable.

Andrus’s absence put the team in a real bind. You cannot win a game without a Gatorade Dumper.

Or a closer.



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Martin Perez (1-3, 3.23) vs. Rich Hill (5-3, 2.68)
Game time: 2:35 pm

How the Rangers hit against Hill.
How the Athletics hit against Perez.