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Not that defense matters but defense matters.

Nick Martinez realized that on Thursday when a catchable fly ball between new left fielder Ian Desmond and returning center fielder Delino DeShields was not caught. The first batter of the game hit a fly ball that was lost in the sun. Which is agent-speak for neither guy played the ball correctly and it fell in for a double.

That is the kind of defense we saw too frequently from DeShields in 2015. We will have to give Desmond the benefit of the doubt as he learns a new position.

A ground out followed that misplay, moving the runner to third. Then a fly ball to right should have been the final out.

Instead, the final out didn’t come until five runs crossed the plate.

Nick Martinez deserved better. But you have to play with the hand that is dealt you. Even if that hand is wearing a glove made out of lead. He needs to learn to get more outs when outs are given away, which will happen often.

With the Rangers suspect defense, expect a lot of balls to be lost in the sun, ground balls in particular. Especially during night games.

Defense matters. Good thing yesterday’s game doesn’t count.